"'Education is the Science of Relations'; that is, that a child has natural relations with a vast number of things and thoughts: so we train him upon physical exercises, nature lore, handicrafts, science and art, and upon many living books, for we know that our business is not to teach him all about anything, but to help him to make valid as many as may be of––
'Those first-born affinities,
That fit our new existence to existing things.'"

Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education
with a quote from The Prelude by William Wordsworth

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mater Et Magistra Magazine and Giant Silkmoths

Mater Et Magistra is my favorite homeschooling publication.  It has an incredible mix of articles and exceptional writing, making it informative, inspiring, and enjoyable.

As you can see in the picture, the magazine has a lovely cover design.  And though I don't think the designers used a Cecropia silkmoth for the color palate, the two happen to match perfectly. The moth my aunt found in her yard.  I put it on the magazine to give perspective to the size of the moth in a photograph and could not help but notice the resemblance.  It shows just how much all-around good sense the publishers have!

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