"'Education is the Science of Relations'; that is, that a child has natural relations with a vast number of things and thoughts: so we train him upon physical exercises, nature lore, handicrafts, science and art, and upon many living books, for we know that our business is not to teach him all about anything, but to help him to make valid as many as may be of––
'Those first-born affinities,
That fit our new existence to existing things.'"

Charlotte Mason, A Philosophy of Education
with a quote from The Prelude by William Wordsworth

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Garden

With my Dh so busy first finishing off the rebuilt room and now rebuilding the deck, we were not sure if we would put the garden in again this year. Last year was our first and we were pleased with the harvest from our little plot that only gets 4 or 5 hours of sun a day.

I decided I would see what I could do. I actually found the thyme and the chives came back--which is not too surprising as they are quite hardy.

The boys also informed me that some onions were also growing! I think they are leeks that we never harvested last year, since I doubt they are scallions being the size that they are. So I left them to grow.

After raking out all the leaves and trying to turn the soil by hand myself, Dh came over with the spade and had the plot turned over within an hour. I went out with the boys to go plant shopping!

The bottom picture is the finished garden after the boys and I got all the plants in the soil and watered them with Miracle Grow. We added 8 tomato plants (and we're planning for 4 more) 2 mounds of 5 cucumber seeds, 2 pepper plants (1 red, 1 yellow), 3 zucchini plants, a row of bush bean seeds (maybe 10), and the herb section to which I added parsley (Italian, of course) and basil.

As you can see the shade is already creeping over and it's only 3 pm. We'll see what kind of harvest we amateur gardeners get this second season of growing!

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